Frequently Asked Questions

1. I don’t know anything about the Navajo Culture. Will I be able to teach these lessons?

  • Yes. Our lessons were written with you in mind!

2. What is the ideal age range for the lessons and crafts?

  • The lessons are adaptable to a wide age range, even adults enjoy them!
  • The craft projects are designed for students ages 9 and older. With teacher instruction and oversight, an average 9 year old will do well with the crafts.

3. What types of educational programs are a good fit for these lessons?

  • Navajo Art & Culture works well as a Social Studies or Art unit.
  • The curriculum has been used to provide academic enrichment opportunities in after-school and summer programs.

4. How much preparation time is needed?

  • Teachers will be able to prepare for most of their teaching sessions in 10 to 15 minutes.
  • The Teacher’s Binder is formatted to help keep preparation time to a minimum.
  • Lessons are clearly and concisely presented in outline form.
  • Each lesson begins with a two page overview of the content and activities, and includes a materials list. 
  • Assessment questions are included.
  • We provide suggested discussion questions and make recommendations for further study. 
  • Creative Impact Craft Kits make craft preparation quick and easy.

5. How should I schedule the lessons on my calendar?

  • You will have a lot of scheduling flexibility with these lessons.
  • The teacher can customize the schedule to suit the age of the students, the size of the class, and the student/ teacher ratio.
  • Estimate: Scheduling one hour per day, three days per week, you should allow a minimum of five months to complete all six lessons.

6. Should these lessons be taught in order?

  • It is recommended but not necessary.
  • Lesson 1 is probably the best place to start because it introduces the Navajo Culture and provides a motivational “sneak peek” at many of the up-coming craft activities. (This lesson is provided free online, but is also included in your order of the Teacher's Package.)
  • Lessons 5 and 6 are best taught in sequence. In Lesson 5 the students learn how to produce wool yarn. Then in lesson 6 they learn to weave yarn on a “Navajo-style” loom.

7. I have older or more “motivated” students who will want more time weaving. Can we order extra looms?

  • The Loom & Weaving Kit pricing for Lesson 6 provides two looms for every five students. We recommend a maximum of 3 students per loom.
  • If the teacher wants to order additional Loom & Weaving kits, we have them available. Please "Contact Us" (see above menu) for details.

8. Can I put my own craft kits together?

  • Yes. A detailed list of materials for each craft activity is included in Appendix Two of the Teacher’s Package.
  • Please be aware that most of the supplies will not be stocked by your school. Also, your local craft store will not carry many of the items needed. You will need to visit hardware stores and purchase some materials via the internet.
© Lynn & Jim Adams 2011