About the Lessons

Six Hands-On Lessons

Adaptable to a wide range of ages.

  • Age 9 years and older are the target group, but high school students and adults have enjoyed the lessons too!

Practical, easy and enjoyable to teach.

  • Lessons are organized and formatted to make prep time efficient.
  • Craft Kits are conveniently packaged and easy to use.

A variety of learning activities.

  • “Visit” the Navajo People via a professionally produced DVD.
  • Make craft versions of symbolically important elements of the Navajo culture.
  • Suggestions are given for writing projects, oral presentations, and math activities.
  • Students and teachers learn 10 words in the Navajo language.

Suggestions for the innovative teacher.

  • Historical background materials, resource lists, bibliography and suggestions for additional studies and activities are provided.

© Lynn & Jim Adams 2011